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::sniff sniff:: The best -absolutely the best RPG I've played so far. Brings tears to my eyes..::sniff:: Kudos to Hironobu Sakagushi for thinking up of the whole Final Fantasy series. Amazing that he named it'Final' Fantasy when twelve years later you have eight of these 'Final' Fantasies. Oh yes, not to mention a rumored 9th in production, Final Fantasy Tactics, and a movie in making! WOw... Final Fantasy 8 is practically great at everything. Instead of giant Popeyeish arms, the characters' has evolved into a more human look > the superdeformed head of earier games are now gone. And also, Square adds a little love the game. YES LOVE YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! A lot of other things changed too, Summons are now Gardian Forces, Limits Breaks are only recieved when your life is critical, the Junction system, and there are a whole lot more CGI scenes. One thing FFs are known for is the ability to keep you guessing...and this one doesn't skip out on the rule. It is presented through action, romance, comedy, betrayal, love, death...all the good stuff. Of course a game has its low point, but so far I can't see any. Music's great, main character is intriguing, gameplay is great... Ladies and gentleman, I think we have a game of the century here...

Rating: 5
Music: 5
Gameplay: 4.5
good: practically everything!
bad: I was kinda expecting more....not that 4 discs and all those stuff added like CARDS are bad or anything
*this review is done by Aeris007

Departing from the dark world of Final Fantasy 7,Final Fantasy 8 is more of a sequel than an original
title. In some aspects of the game, it delivered more than what we expected, while in other aspects, it lacked. Yet, despite all of these facts, Final Fantasy
8 delivered the gaming goodness gamers have been waiting for. This time around, Final Fantasy has taken a love story approach, so the storyline is not as
intruiging. Let's say it's more of a drama than an action, which might be disappointing for some and
great for others. Another noticeable change is the
character design. No more deformities, Final Fantasy's
character designs have become much more realistic.
There are other features that have changed as well (on
the field the whole party is shown), but Squaresoft
has decided to retain a major details. What's back is
the ATB system, which enables characters to atttack in
turns. Limit breaks are back, but slightly different.
There is no more bar, your limit appears when your
character's HP is critical. Also returning are a few
characters, such as Cid, Biggs, and Wedge. Sadly, gone
is the magic point system and the weapon equip
feature. Now, we have DRAW and UPGRADE, which in some
cases is better while in others it's not. But what us
gamers are always welcome to is the graphics.
Squaresoft has truly outdone themselves in that
department, as well as music and battle system.
Overall, this game has its high and lows, but it's a Final Fantasy nonetheless.

Pros: Graphics, storyline, music, better translation,the list goes on
Cons: I expected more in some aspects of the game...
rating: 4.5

Rating System

1-I'm gonna hurl because it sucks so much...

2-Unless you're a big fan of the game, don't get it.

3-Average. It's pretty cool with minor flaws that won't really bother you

4-Very Good. Good game play, original, packed with goodies, but it's missing something that would have made it a 5.

5-Excellent! Stuff like this makes you glad to be the proud owner of a PSX and the game...

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